All Employee Meeting Information

 All Employee Meetings are held once a month in Newberg and streamed to the Portland Center.  Employees can access the live stream, chat room and archived meeting videos.

  1. Log in to MyGFU.
  1. Under Staff Resources click on Community Meeting Link.


  1. This will open a Google Site called Community Meetings. You must be logged into your George Fox G Suite account to see the Community Meetings Page.
    1. The link to the live meeting is at the top of the page.  A password is required and it changes every month.
    2. Link to a chat room.  
      1. This is where you can report problems with audio or video during the live stream of the meeting.  
      2. If you want to ask a question, you can post it there and someone in Newberg will ask it on your behalf.

    3. Links to previous meetings are on the lower portion of the page.  The username and password to view the previous meetings is provided.


  1. If you are not able to get to the chat room, call the Service Desk at 503-554-2569.