Digital Signage User Introduction

Log into Concerto by clicking the "Sign In to upload and manage content" button at the very top left-side of the page.

Enter in your email address and password (you will have received a username and temporary password once you were added to the system; you can change your password once you've logged in that first time).

The first screen will show all active *Feeds across the university. To add content to your feed, click on Add at the top left corner in the Content box.

Here you'll be able to upload a Jpeg and select the Settings for that display (how long it should show on the *screen, the dates the image should run, etc.) then choose which Feed you want that image to be shown on.

Click "Submit Content" to finish your submission - this will then need to be approved by the Administrator on the account before being added to the display.

*Feed - folder of content

*Screen - location of display