Email Forwarding

To forward your GFU email, log into MyGFU, and select the Email Forwarding link located in the Account Management box.  Follow the instructions shown there.

Concerning Google Drive and Email Forwarding - be  aware that if you forward your George Fox email to another email account  and receive an email with a link to a shared Google Doc, it is shared  through your George Fox Google Apps account and you will need to log in  to Google Drive with your George Fox credentials to access the doc.  Learn more about Google Apps

  1. You can only forward your email to one email address.   Forwarding George Fox Google mail to multiple email addresses is not  supported.
  2. Two unique George Fox Google mail accounts such as and may not forward to the same  email account.
  3. Setting up rules to forward University email from a client such as  Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird is not supported by the  University.  Forwarding email should be set up using the MyGFU Account Management tools on the bottom left of your MyGFU homepage. 

Graduating or leaving the University soon?  Good News - Your George Fox Email and Google Apps account will continue indefinitely.  Click the "Leaving George Fox" link on the left for more information.