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Options for tracking attendance

iGFU Attendance is automatically set up and ready to use for each of your class sessions.  The full attendance report can be downloaded and viewed in your spreadsheet program.  Taking attendance on iGFU does not connect to FoxTALE or your gradebook.

See this page Take attendance on computer or mobile device with iGFU

If you need a customized attendance, which reports directly into the FoxTALE course grade book, use this guide to add an Attendance module in your FoxTALE site.  

Attendance Activity Setup in a FoxTALE course -  You can use this as a single session for a specific class activity or multiple sessions take attendance for every class session.  You can set it up to be graded or ungraded. Be sure to add the Attendance block on your course home page which gives your students instant feedback on their own attendance report.

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Options for tracking attendance

Adding an Attendance Activity instance

Adding sessions

Single Session

Multiple Sessions

Editing or deleting sessions

Attendance Options

Grade Calculation

Taking attendance


Adding an Attendance block to a course page

Adding an Attendance Activity instance

Turn on Editing  Turn Editing On Button, Add an activityAdd an Activity or Resource Button and choose Attendance

Activities Block

You may add as many instances of the Attendance module as you like, and each instance may have multiple sections. The most common way to use it is to set up a single Attendance module that contains all your course sessions. Be sure to give the instance a name that indicates what it will be used for; for example, "Lecture Attendance". If you will be using groups in your course, set the Group mode accordingly, because even if groups exist in the course, you will not be able to use them within the Attendance module if you select No groups.

Attendance Settings

Expand the Grade section to set the maximum grade for all sessions or set it to “None” for an ungraded attendance report.

Grade Settings for Attendance

Save and display at the bottom.

Adding sessions

Next, it is time to add sessions. To add class sessions, click the Add tab (second from left) at the top of the Attendance page.

Add Session Tab in Attendance Page

Alternatively, you can click the Add button from the Attendance block (if you've installed it, see below) to directly navigate to the page for adding sessions. If you chose "No groups", or have not defined groups, then the Session type will be forced to "Common." If you have defined groups and have chosen to use them in your course's Attendance activity, then you will have the option to create sessions for a group or all students.

Single Session

You have two options for adding sessions, adding a single session or adding multiple sessions. For a single session just fill out the first section and stop there, click Add at the bottom.  To generate session for all the times your class meets continue on to the next section.

Add Session Settings

Multiple Sessions

This is the option you want to take attendance for each class session.

  • Click the Add sessions tab and start in the top section
  • Set the date to the first day of the semester or the first date your class meets
  • Time is the start and end time your class meets.  FoxTALE uses Military time settings.
  • Optional - check the box to allow students to record their own attendance
  • Check the box “repeat session above as follows”
  • Check the box(s) for the days of week your class meets
  • Leave the repeat every setting at 1 week for classes that meet every week
  • Enter the last date your class meets

Multiple Sessions Settings

  • Finally, click the Add  button to create your sessions. This creates all the sessions and takes you back to the list of sessions.

You are ready to start taking attendance during classes.  

Add the attendance block (see below) on the course homepage for quick access to take attendance.

Editing or deleting sessions

Click on the Sessions tab. Here, you will see the list of all attendance sessions you have added. You can delete an individual session by clicking the X on the session rectangle's right-hand side. Alternatively, you can check the checkboxes of each session you wish to delete, and then choose "Delete" from the pull-down menu at the bottom right-hand corner of the page to delete all the selected sessions.

You can edit a session — for example, to change its date or description — by clicking the hand icon on the session rectangle's right-hand side.

Attendance Options

How the points are applied are in the Settings tab.

Settings Tab in Attendance

Select "Settings" and you are presented with acronyms, attendance status descriptions, and grade (points) to assign. By default, the status descriptions are "Present", "Absent", "Late", and "Excused".

Attendance Status Descriptions

You may prefer to change the descriptions (for example, by changing "Late" to "Tardy"), change the way points are counted, or add new status descriptions. To do the latter, fill in the fifth line and click the Add button.

Important: when you hit the Add button, any changes made to existing options that were made after the last time the Update button was used will be lost. Likewise, when you hit the Update button, any changes made to the Add after the last time the Add button was hit will be lost.

Finally, when you are done changing items on this page, be sure to click the Update button to register the changes.

Grade Calculation

The Attendance module displays the current attendance grade based on the number of points a student has earned to date and the number of points that could have been earned to date; it does not include class periods in the future. In the gradebook, the attendance grade is based on the current attendance percentage and the number of points that can be earned over the entire duration of the course, including future class periods. As such, attendance grades displayed in the Attendance module and in the gradebook may not be the same number of points but they are the same percentage.

For example, a student earned 8 of 10 points to date (80% attendance) and attendance for the entire course is worth 50 points, the Attendance module will display 8/10 and the gradebook will display 40/50. The student has not yet earned 40 points but 40 is the equivalent point value to the current attendance percentage of 80%. The point value earned in the Attendance module can never decrease, as it is based only on attendance to date; however, the attendance point value shown in the gradebook may increase or decrease depending on future attendance, as it is based on attendance for the entire course.

Taking attendance

You can take attendance for a session by clicking on the green radio button on the session rectangle's right-hand side. Those sessions whose attendance has already been taken do not have the green button. However, the description is a link that takes you to a screen for modifying the attendance record for that session.

Example of Attendance Page in FoxTALE

Seeing Attendance by Day, Month, Week, erc

   Selecting Attendance Status for Users⇢   Different Attendance Statuses

For quick entry, use the “Set status for all users” option to mark everyone present and then adjust the entry for any students that were absent.  

Enter remarks as appropriate — for example, the reason for an absence if known, or the number of minutes a student was late — and click the Save attendance button to record the information.


You can generate attendance reports on sessions:

  • Select the Attendance activity of the course and session you're interested in.
  • Click on the Report tab to view all the students progress
  • Click on a student’s name in the report to view just their report
  • To download a report, Click on the Export tab near the top.
  • Change the export settings if you wish.
  • From the Format pull-down menu, select the file format you'd like to export the attendance report in. (Excel, OpenOffice, Text)
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Your browser will probably ask you to either display or save the file.

Adding an Attendance block to a course page

For a shortcut to attendance information for both teachers and students, it is recommended that you add the Attendance block to your course page, like this:

  • Turn editing on.
  • Find the block entitled "Add a block."
  • In the drop-down menu in this block, select Attendance to add the Attendance block.
  • As always, move the block to fit your viewing preference.
  • The same block will display a customized view to the logged in user

For instructor -, this gives you quick links to take attendance and view reports.

Attendance Block

What the students See

Each student will see a summary of their own attendance report in the Attendance block.

Attendance Summary Block

Students can also view their full report by clicking on the Attendance activity link.

Full Attendance Report