FoxTALE Faculty: Auto Enrollment

Table of Contents 
  • Course Sites Created Automatically
  • Recognizing your New FoxTALE Course Sites 
  • Making the Course Site Visible to Students
  • Notes on Student and Teacher Enrollments

Course Sites Created Automatically

A FoxTALE course site will be automatically created for each of your courses listed in MyGFU.  All students enrolled in your class in MyGFU will automatically be enrolled in your FoxTALE course site.  As students add and drop your course in MyGFU, they will be added to or removed from your FoxTALE site.

If your course site is set to Weekly Topics, your course might show incorrect dates.  To change the dates, go to Settings > Course administration > Edit settings on the course home page.  Scroll down to the Course start date, and change it to the first day of your course.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and “Save changes.”Course General Settings

NOTE: Be aware that only the course title and enrollments sync with MyGFU.  Content in your FoxTALE course, grades in the gradebook and course start dates do not sync with MyGFU.  Midterm and Final Grades have to be entered independently in MyGFU.

Recognizing Your New FoxTALE Course Sites

In FoxTALE, you’ll see your new course sites, but they will be greyed out, which means that they are hidden from students.  

When you’re ready to give students access to your course site, see the instructions for making it visible.

If you do not want to use a FoxTALE site for a particular course, leave the site hidden, and students will never see the site even if they are enrolled in the course.

The course full name will show the term, subject, catalog number, and description.  

EXAMPLE: 2016 Fall - PSCI 410 - Community Mediation

The new course site will be empty of content.  Import your content from a previous semester’s course or from an archived course, or create new content.

For help with importing, see the article titled "FoxTALE Import Course Content."

Special Case for Multiple Sections:  Parent-Metalink

If you’d like to use the same FoxTALE site for more than one section of students, then IT can help you to set up a parent course.  The multiple sections of students can be enrolled through a metalink.

Making the Course Site Visible to Students

When you’re ready to make the course site available to student, follow these steps:

  1. Open the course.
  2. Go to the Administration block and choose Edit settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Visibility section, in the top General section
  4. Change the Visible setting drop down menu from hide to show.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and save changes.

    Visibility Settings in Course

Notes on Student and Teacher Enrollments

  • Every time a student or teacher logs in to FoxTALE, his or her enrollments are updated.
  • Course enrollments are automatically updated daily.  The synchronization between MyGFU and FoxTALE runs overnight.
  • Waitlisted students are not enrolled in the FoxTALE course site.  Work with the Registrar's Office to change the student from wait listed to enrolled in MyGFU.  The student will then be enrolled in the FoxTALE course site.
  • New students who have never logged in to FoxTALE will not be automatically enrolled until they log in to FoxTALE.
  • Please do not add students to your course manually in FoxTALE.
    • If you enroll a student manually, the automated system will ignore the enrollment.
  • It's okay to add teachers or non-editing teachers manually in FoxTALE.  

Tip: For more information see the article titled "FoxTALE Manually Enroll Teachers and Students."

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