FoxTALE Faculty: Course Life Cycle

MyGFU - FoxTALE Connection

Your course sites for future semesters are automatically created through MyGFU.  Annually, usually in late March, Summer course sites for the current academic year and Fall and Spring course sites for the next academic year will start to appear in FoxTALE.  

As academic departments communicate a semester’s course schedule to the Registrar’s Office, then the Registrar’s Office creates the course schedule in MyGFU.  As the schedule is created in MyGFU, the FoxTALE sites are automatically generated. The Registrar’s Office is continually updating the MyGFU course schedule, and FoxTALE is updated automatically.

Start of Semester

Automatic Student Enrollment

As students register for courses in MyGFU, they are automatically enrolled in the corresponding FoxTALE site.

As students drop and add courses in MyGFU, they are automatically dropped or added to the corresponding FoxTALE site. This synchronization occurs every night.  In addition, whenever a student logs in to FoxTALE, their individual enrollments are updated immediately.

Copying Course Content Forward from a Previous Course Site to Another

Use your new, empty sites as the sites in which you will teach. You may import content from another course site.  See the article titled "FoxTALE Import Course Content" or this Demonstration (4:20 video) for details.

Making the Course Visible to Students

All course sites are created hidden from student view.  This gives you time to create your course content. You are in control of making your course visible to students. You can also check with your academic department to determine the best time when your course site should be made visible to students.


Administration Block and Course Settings in Clean Theme


Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.51.26 PM.pngAdministration Block and Course Settings in Boost Theme

See the article titled "FoxTALE Making your Course Visible to Students" for details.

Check the Course Start Date

Many courses have different start dates. If your course site is set to Weekly Topics, your course might show incorrect weekly section dates.  To change the dates, go to Administration> Course administration > Edit settings on the course home page.  Scroll down to the Course start date, and change it to the first day of your new course.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save changes.

Course Start Date Setting 

End of Semester

Exporting Grades

You will want to keep an archive of your course grades that covers the last five years.

If you used the grade book in your FoxTALE course site, we recommend that you download a copy of the grade book, as a spreadsheet file, that you can archive outside of FoxTALE.  See the article titled "FoxTALE Back Up  and Archive Grades" for details.  We recommend that you complete the back up at the same time that you submit final grades to MyGFU for each course.

Automated Course Hiding

Your course site will be automatically hidden to students approximately two-three weeks after the next semester begins.  This “hiding” helps students navigate their list of courses by only showing their current courses.  Even though they cannot see or enter a previous term’s course site, their enrollment remains and their course work is available to you.  You have the option to make your site visible to students again.  See this FoxTALE Making your Course Visible to Students for details.

FoxTALE Resources Available to You

For more information on any of these topics, see the FoxTALE for Faculty Quick Guides page or register for a development event.  You may also contact the Service Desk.

Questions? Contact the Service Desk | | 503-554-2569