FoxTALE Faculty: Creating an Assignment

What are Assignments?

Assignments are activities where:

  • Students can upload files or type online responses for your review and grading.
  • You can enter grades for activities done outside of FoxTALE, such as verbal presentations or in-class exams.  
  • Students can upload essays, spreadsheets, images, presentations, and small audio or video clips.      

NOTE: We do not recommend adding a grading item in the gradebook directly.  Always create assignments (including offline activities) from the course homepage to automatically add assignments to your gradebook. For more information, visit the article titled "FoxTALE Simple Assignment Setup and Grading."

Creating an Assignment        

  1. On your course home page, go to the administration block and select the turn editing on option.

Administration Block

  1. In the topic or week to which you would like to add the assignment, go to Add an activity or resource.        

 Location of Add an Activity or Resource button

  1. Under ACTIVITIES, select Assignment. Click Add at the bottom of the window.
    Activity Window
  2. Enter an Assignment Name and Description. These two fields are required, as are any fields with red asterisks. The Description can include instructions for the assignment. The new text editor atto will automatically save the description you write in case the page is accidentally closed.

General Section of Assignment Settings

  1. Display description on course page - If you check this box, the description that you enter will also be displayed on the course home page just below the link to the assignment.  We recommend checking the box if the description is short.

Here’s an example of how it might look on the course home page:

  1. Additional files

Assignment Settings

Fill in the Assignment settings.  Here is a list along with George Fox IT’s recommendation for each setting.

Availability Section of Assignment Settings

  1. Set up the dates for Allow submissions from, Due date, and Cut-off Date:
    1. Allow submissions from - If you would like to limit the time during which the students may upload a file or compose an online text submission, you can enter an Allow submissions from date.  We recommend that the assignment always be available to students, so we recommend that you remove the check from the Enable box.  Recommend Unchecked.
    2. Due date - Enter an optional due date.  If there is no due date, remove the check from the Enable box to the right of the Due date.  Submissions will still be allowed after this date, but any assignments submitted after this date are marked as late. To prevent submissions after a certain date, set the assignment cut-off date.  Recommend setting a due date and time.
    3. Cut-off Date - If set, the assignment will not accept submissions after this date without an extension.   Recommend Unchecked.  
  1. Always show description - Recommend Yes.

Submission Types Section of Assignment Settings

  1. Online text - Check the box if you want students to paste or compose their submission directly in FoxTALE rather than to upload a file.
  2. File submissions - Check the box if you want students to upload a file as their assignment submission.
  3. Word limit - Enable this for Online text
  4. Maximum number of uploaded files - Select the number of files that each student will upload.
  5. Maximum submission size - Recommend 50MB or course upload limit.
  6. Enter Grades Only - If you have an assignment in which students do not submit anything electronically (e.g. oral presentation in class) Do not select any of the settings above.

Feedback Types Section of Assignment Settings

  1. Feedback comments - Recommend Yes so that you may type feedback into FoxTALE.
  2. Feedback files - Recommend Yes if you will be uploading feedback files with your feedback.
  3. Offline grading worksheet - Recommend No.

Submission Settings Section of Assignment Settings

  1. Require students click submit button - Recommend No.
  2. Require that students accept the submission statement  - Recommend No.  

If you set to Yes, then the student must check a box for submission statement “This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people” before the student can save his or her submission.

Attempts Reopened and Maximum attempts

This setting allows the teacher to decide how submissions are reopened. The default is "Never", in that students may only submit once. However, a teacher can set this to "Manually" and reopen it themselves for the student to resubmit, or to "Automatically until pass". The student must then keep trying and resubmitting until they get a pass grade.

If a student is allowed to resubmit, this setting will determine how many times they can resubmit before they are no longer allowed to do so. (For example, if a student has to keep trying until they get a pass grade, the teacher might decide that ten attempts is enough even though they have not yet passed!)

Location of Attempts Reopened and Maximum Attempts buttons

Group Submission Settings Section of Assingment Settings

  1. Students submit in groups - Recommend No.
  2. Require group to make submission - Recommend No.
  3. Require all group members submit - Recommend No.
  4. Grouping for student groups - Recommend No.

Notifications Section of Assignment Settings

  1. Notify graders about submissions - Recommend No.
  2. Notify graders about late submissions  - Recommend No
  3. Default setting for “notify students”  Your choice -  this setting determines whether students get an email notification that the assignment has been updated.  If you usually want them to get the notification, leave it at “Yes”.  If you normally do not want to send a notification, change it to “No”.  You can also change this setting per student as you are grading in the assignment.

Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings

Turn It In Plagiarism Section of Assignment Settings

By default, this is not enabled.  If you would like to use this feature, you can enable it and refer to our article titled "FoxTALE Turnitin Originality Reporting."


  1. Enter the Grade; the grade is the number of points that the assignment is worth.  FoxTALE allows a maximum of 100 points for an assignment.  You can also choose No grade or use grading scales.  Assignments Over 100 Points

  2. Grading method 

Grade Section of Assignment Settings

  • Simple direct grading - Leave the default of Simple direct grading unless you’d like to use a marking guide or a rubric.  
  • Grading guide -  A grading guide consists of a set of criteria.  For each criterion, you enter comments and a grade up to a maximum.  If you regularly use the same comments when grading, you may also set up frequently added comments.
  • Rubric - For instructions on building and using a rubric, see the FoxTALE Rubrics quick guide.  A rubric consists of a set of criteria. For each criterion, several descriptive levels are provided. A numerical grade is assigned to each of these levels.
  1. If you have set up your FoxTALE grade book with categories, you may select a Grade category to add this assignment to that category in the grade book.
  2. Blind marking - Recommend No.
  3. Use grading workflow see the guide
  4. Use grading allocation  see the guide

Common module settings

  1. Choose whether the assignment is Visible by selecting Show or Hide.  Choose a Group mode if you are using groups. Click Save and return to course to return to the course home page, or click Save and display to show the assignment instructions as they would appear to students.

Restrict access

This feature allows you to set restrictions on when and if students can access or see an assignment.


Restrict Access Section of Assignment Settings

Completion tracking must be enabled in your course setting for the Activity completion restriction to be available.

Activity Completion

This feature must first be enabled in your course settings.

Completion Tracking Section of Assingment Settings

Once this is enabled, you will see the Activity completion section in your Assignment settings.

Activity Completion Section of Assingment Settings

  1. Completion tracking options 
    1. Do not activate activity completion - default
    2. Students can manually mark the activity as completed
    3. Show activity as complete when conditions are met

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