FoxTALE Faculty: Docking, Adding, and Moving Blocks

Each section or menu in the left and right columns of your course home page is a block. This screenshot shows the administration block in both the clean theme and the boost theme.

                             CLEAN THEME                                                     BOOST THEME

Administration Block in Clean Theme             Administration Block in Boost Theme

Commonly used blocks include:

  • Administration - Edit course settings such as number of weeks and topics, set up groups, back up the course, view grades, and perform other course-level activities.
  • Navigation - Switch to another course or move within this course.
  • People - View a list of class participants with quick access to their profiles.
  • Activities - View an aggregated list of course assignments, forums, quizzes, or other activities.
  • Latest News - Recent posts made in the news forum are displayed, along with a link to older archived news.
  • Search Forums - Search the course discussion forums for a word or phrase.
  • Quickmail - Quickmail can be used to quickly send an email to all of your fellow colleagues in a class or to just a select few.
  • Messages - You can send messages to anyone within FoxTALE.  You can view the messages in FoxTALE, and your message history with another person is saved.

Add a Block

  1. Log in to FoxTALE, and click your course to open its home page.
  2. Turn editing on.  Turn Editing On Button
  3. Choose the block you wish to add by selecting the add a block menu located on the bottom left of the FoxTALE course page.
    Add a Block Menu
  1. The screen will refresh, and you’ll see the block that you added.  

Move a Block

  1. Be sure that editing is turned on.  Turn Editing On Button
  2. Click the four-sided arrow icon  at the right in the block.
    Example of How to Move Blocks on your Course Page

  3. Simply drag and drop the block where you want it to be on left or right side of course homepage.
  1. The screen will refresh as the block is moved there.

NOTE: Moving a block will only change it for your view.

Dock and Undock Blocks (in clean theme)

The blocks of menus down the left side of your screen can get long, so you can dock one or more blocks to free up space on your course home page.

Dock a Block

  1. To dock a block, click the dock box in the upper right corner of a block.

Example of How to Dock Blocks on your Course Home Page

The block is docked at the upper left of the screen.  Drag your mouse over the docked block to access the block’s menu.

Docked Block on Course Page

Blocks are docked from top to bottom in the order in which you dock them.

Undock a Block

  1. To undock one block, mouse over the docked block to show the full block, and click the gray undock icon in the upper right.
    Example of How to Undock Block

  2. To quickly undock all docked blocks at once, click the gray undock all box in the lower left corner at the bottom of the page.

Undock Block Button

Hide a Block

  1. Be sure that editing is turned on.  Turn Editing On Button
  2. Click the configure icon located in the block to see the configure menu.
    How to Hide a BlockLocation of Configure Icon Button
  3. The block will be invisible to the students, but you will still be able to see it although it will look slightly transparent as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. To show the block to students again, click the Configure icon and select Show. The drop down menu may also appear transparent.

How to Show Hidden Blocks

Latest News block showing in hidden view⇣

How to Show Hidden Blocks

Delete a Block

  1. Be sure that editing is turned on.  Turn Editing on Button
  2. Click the configure icon and from the drop down menu choose Delete
    Configure Icon ButtonExample of How to Delete Block

Note:  FoxTALE will not allow you to delete the Navigation and Administration blocks.

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