FoxTALE Faculty: Making your Course Visible to Students

FoxTALE course sites are created “hidden” to students.  Hidden course site titles are greyed out in your list of courses and fall below the available course sites in your list of courses.  Students do not see hidden courses at all.  When you’re ready for students to see your course site, you’ll need to perform these steps to make the course site visible to students:

  1. In FoxTALE, click the course to open it.
  2. In the Clean Theme, go to Administration > Course Administration > Edit settings.  

Administration Block in Clean Theme

  1. In the Boost Theme, click the screw icon and select Edit Settings.

Administration Block in Boost Theme

  1. Under the General Section, change the Visible setting to "Show" and scroll to the bottom to save changes.

General Section in Settings

  1. When students log in to FoxTALE, they will see the course listed on their FoxTALE homepage (assuming they are enrolled in the course).

After the course is completed

Students frequently contact the Service Desk asking why a past course site is still showing on their course list. It is your choice whether to hide your course after the course is completed, however, IT will hide all the previous semester course sites a few weeks into the next semester.  Course sites cannot be hidden for an individual but are visible or hidden for all students enrolled in the course.

**You also have the option to move the course further down on your list by customizing your Dashboard as described in this guide on page 6.

NOTE: Class sites on FoxTALE are not hidden automatically after a course is completed.   Whether you can see a course in your course list is not an indicator of course completion.

Questions? Contact the Service Desk | | 503-554-2569