FoxTALE Faculty: Using a Rubric

Rubric Calculations

A student's score is calculated by subtracting the minimum score available on the rubric from the student's actual score achieved on the rubric, and dividing the resulting answer by the difference between the maximum and minimum score available"

The rubric normalized score (ie basically a percentage grade) is calculated as

Percentage Grade Calculation

where g_i \in \mathbb{N} is the number of points given to the i-th criterion, min_i \in \mathbb{N} is the minimal possible number of points for of the i-th criterion, max_i \in \mathbb{N} is the maximal possible number of points for the i-th criterion and N \in \mathbb{N}  is the number of criteria in the rubric.

Duplicate a Rubric

If you’d like to use the same rubric for other assignments in your course, you can duplicate the assignment using the x2 duplicate icon shown in the edit drop -down menu when you turn editing on.  The rubric will be duplicated along with the assignment.

Enter Grades in a Rubric

  1. From the course home page or from the Activities > Assignments list, click the assignment to open it.

  2. Click the view/grade all submissions link.

  3. In the status column for a student, click the Grade link.

  4. For each criterion row in the rubric, click the box for the desired number of points to select it. Your selected box will turn green indicating the score given.  If you checked the box for Allow grader to add text remarks for each criteria, you may add comments in the box at the right of each row.

    Example of a Rubric

  5. When you have finished grading for this student, scroll to the bottom and click Save changes to return to the list of all students or Save and show next to go to the next student’s rubric.

Make Changes to an Existing Rubric

  1. From the course home page or from the activities > assignments list, click the assignment to open it.
  2. In the administration block, go to advanced grading and select define rubric.  


Grading Administration Block in Clean Theme


Grading Administration Block in Boost Theme

  1. Click edit the current form definition.
  2. Make your changes, and scroll to the bottom to save.
  3. If you have already graded rubrics for some students, you’ll see a message:

You are about to save significant changes to a rubric that has already been used for grading. The gradebook value will be unchanged, but the rubric will be hidden from students until their item is regraded.

  1. Click continue.  You’ll want to go back and revise the grades for those students.  Be sure to save changes to their grades.

Add a Rubric to an Existing Assignment

  1. From the course home page or from the activities > assignments list, click the assignment to open it.
  2. In the administration block, go to assignment administration > advanced grading.  This will open the editing page for a rubric.  If needed, change active grading method to - Rubric.
  3. Follow the steps above in the create a new assignment with a rubric.  
  4. If you already entered grades before you added the rubric, the original grades will be preserved until you re-grade each student using the rubric.

Print just the Rubric

  1. From your course home page, in the drop down menu located in the top right corner, go to switch role to . . . > student.

Switch Role to Option in User Menu
Switch Role to Option in Administration Block

  1. In the weekly (or topic) module click on the assignment that has the rubric.  When in the assignment, go to Navigation (a block on the left side of the screen) and scroll down to the listing for the course.  You will see the assignment listed. Click on Submissions Grading for that assignment:
    Navigation Block

  2. The rubric will display on your screen.  You can dock the blocks on the left screen (Administration, Navigation, etc.), highlight the entire rubric, and print using your Firefox browser (go to File and select Print).  Check the Print Selection Only box and print (or save as a PDF):
    Rubric Example

    Print Settings

Student View


If you’ve left the box checked for Allow users to preview rubric used in the module, students will be able to view the rubric before submitting their assignment.  To preview the rubric, students should go to the Navigation block. Be sure the Navigation block is undocked.  Follow this navigation:

My Courses > Course Name > General > Assignment Name > Submission grading.

You might have to click the assignment, which takes you to the assignment page and then return to the Assignment Name in the Navigation block in order to see Submission grading

After Grading

After you have entered grades in the rubric for a student, the student will see the graded rubric when he or she clicks the assignment on the course home page.

TIP: View the article FoxTALE Student's View of Rubrics.

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