FoxTALE Faculty: Using ShareStream Pick and Play


More and more courses are incorporating video and audio files to facilitate online learning.  Using a secure media server such as ShareStream satisfies several requirements in using media files and provides students a consistent and reliable way to view your media content.

  • provides a multi-format video that can be viewed by any device without downloading
  • hosted on the Sharestream server and can be viewed by streaming
  • does not overload the FoxTALE server
  • can provide public access and link to web pages outside of FoxTALE
  • media can be available for future courses
  • provides a secure site for copyrighted material

Add the ShareStream Pick and Play block to your course site:

Note: if the block is already there, skip to step 4

  1. On your course home page, go to the administration block and select turn editing on.


 Administration Block Clean Theme


Administration Block Boost Theme

  1. In the Add a block... drop down menu located on the bottom left section of your screen, select ShareStream Pick and Play.

Add a Block Selection

Different Block Topics

  1. Your course home page will refresh and show a new ShareStream Pick and Play block.

ShareStream Pick-n-Play Block

Click on the link for the Pick and Play, you will be prompted to import media from another course site.  You need to know the name of the other course site, or a portion of the name or select No.

Transferring Materials Between Courses in ShareStream Pick-n-Play

Remember, if you import links to the course home page from a previous course, you will need to replace the links in the new course site (see FoxTALE Article titled "FoxTALE Link to a Website").

Upload media

  1. Turn editing off to make more room for the Pick and Play.

Note:  We also recommend that you dock the course Administration and Navigation blocks.  They become small tabs on the left margin of your screen, making more space for Pick-n-Play.

  1. Click the link for ShareStream Pick-n-Play.

  2. On the left side of the screen, click Upload Media.

Uploading Media in ShareStream

IMPORTANT:  Any media that you upload resides in a collection for your username and appears in My Workspace in the Pick-n-Play.  Files in your collection can be used across all of your courses.  You are uploading media to the ShareStream media server, and you will create a link on your FoxTALE course.

  1. Click the green Drop/Click to Select Media file to locate and select your file.  You may also drag a file onto the green button.  Fill in these fields:
    • Title your media
    • Contributor (George Fox username or check the Me box)
    • Description

Naming and Describing your Media

  1. Click the Add Media button - you will see a progress bar.

  2. You’ll see a message

Successful File Upload Notification
Click Yes or No to answer.

  1. IMPORTANT:  Depending on the size of files, it might take several hours or an overnight time period for your media files to be transcoded so that they appear in My Workspace.

Embed a video on the course home page using the Label Resource 

Similar steps are used when creating a Label resource. 

  • Turn editing on
  • Click on Add an activity or resource
  • Choose the Label resource

Resources Block

Adding Text to your Label

 This will open a new window to select ShareStream content.  Select from content that is already uploaded by checking the box or use the Upload button to upload from your computer.

Select the video from the ShareStream content page and your video will show on the course home page.  With a label, you do not have to name it but you can add any text you want as well as the embedded video in the same text box.

This example show both a link added to a course video and a label which displays the embedded video.

Example of Media on your Course Homepage

Share the media with your students

  1. When your file(s) appear(s) in My Workspace, you’ll need to share them to your FoxTALE course site so that students may see them.  
  2. Add to Course process
    • From your course home page, click the ShareStream Pick and Play link to return to the ShareStream Pick and Play.  
    • Click the My Workspace tab in the upper right corner.
    • Select the file by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner of the file’s block.
    • Click Add to Course.

Locating Files to add to your Course

  1. You’ll see a screen that shows the destination course.  Select your current course.  Click Done.  Depending on the size of your file this may take some time before you see it in your Course Collection, where students can access it.

NOTE: When you click on Done, you will see that the button turns from blue to grey.  This will be the only indication that the process has started.  You will not see a progress bar or a notification.  When the process is complete you will see the file listed in the Course Collection tab.  If you have a very large file the process can take hours to complete.

What will the students see in the Pick-n-Play?  

Tip: View the article titled "FoxTALE Students Using ShareStream Pick-n-Play" for more information. 

Students can see the play list by entering the ShareStream Pick and Play block or they can use the links if you have created them in which case they do not need to enter the Pick-n-Play.

You may need to open a folder to see the list of videos available for your course

1. Click Show Folders

Folders in ShareStream

2. Click the folder for the course you’re in

Folders Named by School Course

Encourage your students to use this article to avoid issues:

"FoxTALE Configure your Browser"

Add links on your course home page for each media asset (recommended)

See video ShareStream Links (1:57)

If you would like to provide links to the media as resources on the course home page, create the link by using the steps described below.  Adding a link to the Course Home page in this way authenticates your enrolled students to view the video without having an additional login to the ShareStream server.

NOTE: if you copied links from a previous course, those links will not work for the students in  the new course and need to be recreated using the method below.

ShareStream links can be added using the button in the ATTO editor toolbar, which is the default.

You can add as a link using the Page resource so it shows on the course home page.  (Make sure you are using the ATTO editor by checking your editor preferences in your dashboard menu)

Turn editing on and select Add an activity or resource>Page in the section you want to place the link.

Resource Block

After naming your Page resource, click the ShareStream button in the Content section

Location of the ShareStream Button in the Content Section

 This will open a new window to select ShareStream content.  Select from content that is already uploaded by checking the box or use the Upload button to upload new media from your computer.

Embedding ShareStream Content

All of your media files will display as small pictures.  Check the box for the media file you want to use.  After selecting your media file, click the add link at the bottom.

If you Upload new content from here it will be added to your Workspace in the Pick-n-Play.

NOTE: If you import your course content from another course, you will need to delete imported links and create new ones on the course home page.  

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