FoxTALE User Profile and Preferences


This is a guide to the Dashboard user menu with profile, preferences, grades, and messages pages.  

User Menu

Table of Contents 
  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Grades
  • Messages
  • Preferences
  • Forum Preferences
  • Email digest type
  • Forum auto-subscribe
  • Forum tracking


Dashboard is your customizable home page.  It gives you access to your courses, profile, preferences and other information.  Use this guide to learn what you can customize.

Tip: Read the article titled "FoxTALE Customize Your Dashboard."

FoxTALE Dashboard


Your Profile settings are where you can add a description of yourself, upload a photo and add links to social media pages - Learn more

User Menu


User Menu

Gives you an overview of courses you are taking and the current course total.  Courses you are teaching are listed in a separate section below this.Overview of Courses you are Taking

Overview of Courses you are Teaching


The Messages link will take you to your Message center to view any unread messages, view past messages and send a message.

User Menu


From here you can edit your profile, set forum tracking, and more.

User Menu

  1. Click on Preferences.
  2. Edit Profile will lead you to where you can add a description or add a photo.
  3. Change password  this link will lead you to 
  4. Forum Preferences, choose options to receive emails from forum posts or enable forum tracking enabled, which highlights how many unread or new posts are made when you visit each class module.
  5. Editor preferences The default text editor is Atto but you can choose an alternative.
  6. Messaging lets you choose options for the messaging feature on foxtale.

Preferences Settings in Dashboard

Forum Preferences

Default settings are shown here.  If this is your preference then no changes are needed. Click the drop down arrow to see other options.

Forum Preferences

Email digest type

This is the daily digest setting that forums will use by default.

  • No digest - you will receive one email per forum post;
  • Digest - complete posts - you will receive one digest e-mail per day containing the complete contents of each forum post;
  • Digest - subjects only - you will receive one digest e-mail per day containing just the subject of each forum post.

You can also choose a different setting in each forum if you wish.

Forum auto-subscribe

Forum Auto-Subscribe

Forum tracking

Forum Tracking

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