G Suite Sync for Outlook

G Suite Core for George Fox is an important component of a campus-wide strategy to provide tools for collaboration and communication within and outside the University. Each of these services in the core suite is branded with the George Fox logo, and IT supports these services.  Google has continually added new features to G Suite apps increasing functionality.  

While you can use Outlook with your G Suite account, it is not supported or recommended as a business practice due to inconsistent behavior that can result in extended interruption of service.


G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (also known as GSSMO) is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 that lets you keep using Outlook to manage your G Suite for Education account. Specifically, G Suite Sync syncs your mail, contacts, calendar events, Outlook notes, and tasks between your Google profile in Outlook and your G Suite account in the cloud, so you can access the same information at any time from either interface.

Learn more about what is synced between Outlook and G Suite

Before continuing with installation, install any necessary updates to your version of Outlook or Windows.

If desired, see Google’s instructions - G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook


  1. If you haven't already, sign in to your G Suite account on the web at least once, to accept Google's Terms and Conditions.

  2. Install G Suite Sync on the computer where you run Outlook, using one of the methods below (whichever one applies for you). Note that installing G Suite Sync also installs G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook®, which lets you import Outlook data to G Suite (more on that, soon).

  3. Downloading G Suite Sync

    1. Go to the G Suite Sync download page and carefully review the system requirements listed there. Before continuing with installation, install any necessary updates to your version of Outlook or Windows.

    2. From the same download page, click the big download button to download and install G Suite Sync.

After G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GSSMO) downloads and installs, you're prompted to sign in to your G Suite account. Remember that this must be a G Suite for Work, Education, or Government account. Signing in here allows G Suite Sync connect to your account to get ready for importing and synchronization.

  1. Enter your email address (the one you'll be using with your G Suite account). Your full email address

  2. Check Remember me (don't skip this step). G Suite Sync needs to remember your password, otherwise it will ask you to sign in each time you start Outlook.

  3. Click Continue to launch your default browser.

  4. In the browser, sign in to your G Suite account, entering your username and password.

  5. You'll then be asked to allow access for G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Click Allow access.

  6. When access has been granted, switch to G Suite Sync and click Create profile. Then Start Microsoft Outlook.

  7. If prompted, enter your G Suite password again in Outlook.

  8. Start using Outlook - See Google’s Guide

 NOTE:  G Suite Sync stores your password and when you change it in MyGFU you will need to update the stored password in G Suite Sync on your computer.  See instructions here

For info on importing from a previous profile click here.

What to know about using Outlook with G Suite Sync vs G Suite Online

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