Haven/Title IX Course

To access the Haven course log in to MyGFU and scroll to the bottom of Student Resources - click on Student Title IX Course. If students don't see this link double check their status. Students need to be in the system as Students to see the link. If they are in the system as Admit or Applicant they will not see the link in MyGFU. 

Once the student has clicked on Student Title IX Course it will take them to the Haven site to login. 

If they have trouble logging in once they get to this page they need to contact Haven's 24-hour support. There is a link on Haven's page with the phone number to call. 

Supported browsers for Haven are Chrome and Firefox. Only use Internet Explorer as a last resort. 

Only incoming students have to take the Haven course. There are some programs that do require that you take the Haven course every year. 

If a student has an issue with the process or the questions in Haven, they need to contact Jere Witherspoon, her email address is jwithers@georgefox.edu