Scan to Removable Memory - Redmond Kyocera

  1. Load document in the paper tray feeder.
  2. Log on to the printer.
  3. Stick the memory stick in the slot on the right side of the copier/printer.
  4. A confirmation window will pop up.  Press Yes.
  5. On the home page select Removable Memory
  6. Select the folder on the Removable Memory.  In our example we will use the AScan folder.
    1. Note:  You need to create the folder on the memory stick before connecting to them copier/printer.
  7. Press Open.
  8. Press Store File
  9. Press Start.  Your document should feed into the copier and scan to the folder on the memory stick
  10. To remove the memory stick safely.
    1. Select Remove Memory on the Removable Memory Window.
    2. When you receive the Remove confirmation window:
      1. Press Ok.
      2. Remove the memory stick.