Work-Study Management Set-up

To set up a work study account, follow these steps below:

  • Send a request for a work-study login by emailing the service desk and include what permissions should be given to that login (PeopleSoft access, folders on the j:drive, etc.).
  • Once the login has been set up you will receive an email notifying you of the account creation that also includes the link you'll use to sign in and manage the work-study login.
  • Use your MyGFU credentials to sign in and see your newly-created work-study login.
  • Enter in the GFU ID # for the student you want to allocate to that work-study login and click Send a Passcode. This will send a link to the student's GFU email address which is accessible for 24 hours.
  • The student will click on that link and set up the work-study login password.
  • The student can log into workstations, MyGFU and the j:drive using the work study login and see all the areas that have been given that work-study's permissions.
  •  At the end of every semester there is a student confirmation process where you will need to log in and indicate which work-study students will be remaining.  When they "confirm", that student receives a passcode reset and needs to change their password to avoid being removed.  At the end of the process, all unconfirmed work-study students will be removed. The work-study logins remain available but with no student attached and no updated password, the unconfirmed logins will be locked.