Concerto Tutorial

Getting Started

Call the IT service desk for a Concerto account. They will email you instructions with a temporary password.

The Concerto web page can be accessed at:

Sign in with your email and temporary password.

Please change your password by going to "Settings" on the right side of the page and then hitting "Change Password" at the bottom.

Adding Content

To add an image, click on the add tab.

Click "Choose File" and select an image file from your computer. A preview will appear on the right. Then give your image a title and adjust the amount of time it appears on the screen if desired.

Next choose a start and end date and change the frequency schedule if needed.

Finally select which feed it will appear on and hit "Submit Content". NOTE: You will only be able to choose feeds that you have access to!

After submitting the image will start appearing on the feed in a short time and you are redirected to a page where you may edit or delete the content.

Browsing and Modifying Content

Hit the "Browse" tab to view your content

Click on a piece of content to edit or delete it.

You can also go through Future, Expired, and Denied content.