Enter Final Grades in MyGFU

Enter and Post Final Grades 

  1. Begin by opening your browser. Navigate to mygfu.georgefox.edu (do not type www. in the address bar).

                My GFU login page

  1. Login with your regular GFU username in ALL CAPS. Use your regular GFU password in its regular form (case sensitive). 
  2. Click the self Service Link>Faculty Center Link>My Schedule Link.
  3. Locate the Grade Roster button to the left of the class for which you will enter grades. (check the Grade Roster Type to make sure you have selected Final Grade). 
  4. To enter a grade for a student, click the Roster Grade drop-down box and select the grade (i.e. A, B, C, etc). 
    1. SHORTCUT: If the majority of the students will receive the same grade, you can add the grade to all students and then change the exceptions. Click the Add This Grade to All Students drop-down box and select the grade.
    2. AUDITING STUDENTS: If you have students that are auditing the class, the selected grade will not be filled in when you click Add This Grade to All Students. You will need to choose the grade AU for auditing students. 
    3. INCOMPLETES: Enter the grade that the student has earned so far in your class. Faculty members are not able to enter an I grade. An application for an incomplete must be signed by you and the student and submitted to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will have the ability to change the grade to an incomplete. If an incomplete application has already been processed, you will see an I grade for the student. You are not able to change I grades. 
  5. Note the Approval Status box. As you are editing grades, leave the status as Not Reviewed so that you can continue to make changes. When you have entered a grade for every student and are ready to post, change the Approval Status to Approved
  6. When you are ready to make the grades visible, click the Post button at the bottom of the screen. After you have done this the grades will show in the Official Grade column. 
    1. NOTE: You won't see the Post button until you have changed the Approval Status to Approved
    2. NOTE: After you post your grades, you will have to request a grade change to make further changes. To do this, click the Request Grade Change button. 

Questions? Contact the Service Desk | servicedesk@georgefox.edu | 503-554-2569