FoxTALE Faculty: Introduction

Welcome to George Fox University!  

Table of Contents
  • What is FoxTALE
  • Learn more about FoxTALE
  • Logging into FoxTALE 
  • Online Faculty Quick Guides for FoxTALE
  • Setting up your FoxTALE Course Site 
  • Archive FoxTALE Grades to a Spreadsheet 

What is FoxTALE?

FoxTALE is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at George Fox University by professors and students to provide options for online classroom interaction and posting grading feedback.  FoxTALE uses Moodle software.  You might be familiar with other LMS systems (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, etc.)

Learn more about FoxTALE

You’re invited to join Institutional Technology for FoxTALE workshops and webinars.  View the schedule and register here:

(or Long URL: )

Logging in to FoxTALE

In your browser, go to  You may also log into MyGFU (, and click FoxTALE in the GFU Resources block.  Log in with your George Fox username and password.  Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for best results in FoxTALE.

Online Faculty Quick Guides for FoxTALE

There are several topical quick guides with step-by-step instructions.  After you’ve logged in to FoxTALE, go to Site Home and click Faculty Quick Guides in the Main Menu block.

Link:  FoxTALE for Faculty

Setting up Your FoxTALE Course Site

A FoxTALE site for each of your courses is automatically created in FoxTALE.  When your George Fox username has been created and you have been assigned in MyGFU as the instructor of a course, then you will automatically have teacher permissions in your FoxTALE course site.  If you have not been assigned as the instructor in MyGFU but know the course and section, you may contact the Service Desk to try to gain early teacher access to a course site.  

See the Faculty Quick Guides ( ), and contact for assistance in adding content to your site.  You can also register for one of our workshops or webinars at 

(or Long URL )

Archive FoxTALE Grades to a Spreadsheet 

The Faculty Handbook ( ) requires that you keep five years of grade files.

If you use FoxTALE for grades, then you can archive grades to a spreadsheet that is saved outside of FoxTALE for easy future reference.    

  1. From the course home page, go to Settings > Course Administration > Grades.
  2. Choose the Export page tab, and click the Excel spreadsheet link.  (To download to a text file, choose Plain text file.)Export and Excel Spreadsheet Tabs
  3. Choose desired options and items to include.  If you have set up grade categories, you can choose whether to export the category totals.   You can also choose whether or not to export feedback.

  4. Click Download.  
    Depending on your browser, you’ll have the choice to open or save the file or it may go straight to your downloads folder.  Save the file to a destination outside of FoxTALE (e.g. on your computer or flash drive).  Be sure that the file name indicates the course number, section and semester.
  5. Your grades will be available for your reference at any time outside of FoxTALE.

Tip: To learn more, go the article titled "FoxTALE Getting Started." 

Questions? Contact the Service Desk | | 503-554-2569