FoxTALE Student Guide

Table of Contents
  • What is FoxTALE?
  • Choosing a Browser
  • Configuring your Browser
  • Pop-Up Blockers
  • Firefox Instructions for PC
  • Firefox instructions for Mac
  • Internet Explorer Instructions for PC 
  • Cache (or temporary internet files) Settings
  • Firefox Instructions for PC
  • Firefox Instructions for Mac
  • Logging into a FoxTALE Course
  • Finding a Course
  • Navigating in your Course 
  • Docking Blocks
  • Topics or Weeks
  • Example Topic Outline
  • Change your Photo 
  • Enter Text Online and Auto Save 
  • Upload Files 
  • Attaching to a Forum Post
  • Assignment Submissions
  • Upload the File
  • Regarding File Size 
  • Delete a File 
  • Download Files
  • View Rubrics in Assignments 
  • View your Grades
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoxTALE?

FoxTALE, Fox Teaching and Learning Environment, is George Fox’s system for presenting course-related materials and activities online.  

FoxTALE Logo

Choosing a Browser

FireFox is the recommended web browser for FoxTALE.  You can download a free copy of Mozilla FireFox at  

Macintosh Users

Please note that Safari is not supported for FoxTALE.  

Safari Logo

PC Users

Internet Explorer and Chrome work for most functions in FoxTALE, but FireFox is recommended as with the newer Edge for Windows 10.

Google Chrome Logo          New Internet Explorer Logo            Old Internet Explorer Logo

Configuring Your Browser

For optimal FoxTALE performance, you will need to configure pop-up blockers and cache in your browser.

Pop-Up Blockers  

Check that your computer is not blocking pop-up windows from the FoxTALE site. Depending on which browser you are using, you can add to your trusted sites.

Firefox Instructions for PC

  1. Select Firefox > Options >, and click on Content.
    Fire fox settings for PC
  2. If Block pop-up windows is checked, then click the Exceptions button to the right of Block pop-up windows.  For the address of the web site, type or * for all George Fox sites, and click Allow.

Content Settings in Fire fox


                        Pop Up Blocker Screen

  1. Click Close, and click OK.    

Firefox Instructions for Mac

  1. Select Firefox > Preferences, and click on Content.

  2. If Block pop-up windows is checked, then click the Exceptions button to the right of Block pop-up windows.  For the address of the web site, type or * for all George Fox sites, and click Allow.

  3. Click the red X in the upper left corner to close the Allowed Sites window, and click the red X in the upper left corner to close the Content window.

Internet Explorer Instructions for PC

  1. Select Tools (gear icon in the upper right corner) > Internet Options, click on the Security tab, then click on Trusted Sites.

Internet Explorer Settings in PC

  1. In Trusted Sites, click Sites, and remove the tick from the box next to Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone.

  2. Under Add this Website to the zone: type or * for all George Fox sites.  Click Add, then click Close and click OK again.

Cache (or Temporary Internet Files) Settings  

Set your browser to refresh pages more frequently.  FoxTALE will more easily show the newest versions of web pages.

Firefox Instructions for PC

  1. Select Firefox  > Options, and click the Advanced tab.

Fire fox settings for pc

  1. Click the Network tab.

  2. In the Cached Web Content section, tick the box for Override automatic cache management.  Enter the number 2 for Limit cache to 2 MB of space. 
  1. Click OK.

Firefox Instructions for Mac

  1. Select Firefox > Preferences, and click the Advanced link. This will open a new tab or page.

  2. Click the Network tab.

  3. In the Cached Web Content section, tick the box for Override automatic cache management.  Enter the number 2 for Limit cache to 2 MB of space.

  4. Click the X in the tab to close the Preferences/Advanced window.

Internet Explorer Instructions for PC

  1. Select Tools (gear icon in the upper right corner) > Internet Options, and click the General tab.

internet explorer settings for pc

  1. Under Browsing history, click the Settings button.

  2. For Check for newer versions of stored pages, click Every time I visit the web page.

  3. Click OK, and click OK again.

Logging into a FoxTALE Course

  1. Use Firefox as your browser.  Go to  You can also access FoxTALE through the FoxTALE link in MyGFU.

    (If you don’t have Firefox installed on your computer, go to for a free download of the browser.)

  2. Use your George Fox University username and password to login.  If you need assistance with your username and password, contact the Service Desk at 503.554.2569 or

  3. After you log in, for your academic courses, you’ll generally see your current course sites listed on your home page under Dashboard>My Courses.  Click the course title (active link) to enter the course site.

Finding a Course

Can’t Find Your Course?

FoxTALE academic courses are hidden from student view until the Professor is ready for students to access it. To find a course that you are not already enrolled in, you will need to search for it by title.

  1. To get to the Search Courses box you will need view the Site Home page. From the Navigation block, choose Site home.

navigation block   

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the FoxTALE Site home page.  You’ll find the Search Courses text box:

    Type in YourCourseID (e.g. BUSN 110.  Note the space between BUSN and 110.)

    Or...Type in YourCourseTitle (e.g. Front Porch Cohort 12)

  1. Click the Go button.  Search results will appear.  Click the hyperlink for the course title (e.g. BUSN 110).

    example of a search result

  2. This takes you to the course login page.  Type the enrollment key that has been provided by your instructor into the text box and click the Enroll me button.  Self Enrolment Screen
    If you don’t know the enrollment key, contact the instructor for the course.

    You’ll only need to enter this enrollment key the first time you enroll in the course site.  When you log in to FoxTALE the next time, you’ll see this course listed, and you’ll just need to click the course title to enter the course.

  3. Your enrollment is complete.

NOTE: Enrolling in a course in FoxTALE is not the same as enrolling in the university.  You must still register for this course and other courses through MyGFU.

Navigating in Your Course

NOTE: When in an activity like a forum or quiz, be sure to save your changes on the current page before using any navigation tool.

  • Breadcrumbs show your current position in the course. They are positioned in the upper left corner beneath the course title.  Here is an example

Breadcrumb Example

FoxTALE: Clicking on either the Dashboard or Courses link will take you to the FoxTALE Dashboard page, which displays all of the courses in which you are enrolled.

2016 Fall - LIBA 100 A: This is the name for the course.  Clicking on this link will take you to the course home page.

GFU History Assignment: This is the activity currently being viewed.

  • The example above is only one example of how the breadcrumbs menu may appear. Keep an eye on the breadcrumbs menu as you navigate around the course. You will notice that the breadcrumbs change to reflect your current position.

Navigation Block

In your course, you may also use the Navigation block down the left for navigation.

  • Dashboard - FoxTALE default home page with  features that you can customize

  • Site Home - system home page where you can search for courses (such as resource courses)

  • Site pages - Links to MyGFU, George Fox Google E-Mail, Library, and quick guides for using FoxTALE

  • Current course - view features in your course, or expand out a week or topic in your current course to move to a specific section or activity

Docking Blocks

The blocks of menus down the left side of your screen can get long, so you can dock one or more blocks to free up space on your screen. You can also minimize or collapse the block by clicking the small minus icon.  Blocks may include Navigation, Participants, Activities, Search forums, Latest news, and others.

Docking a Block

To dock a block, click the dock box in the upper right of a block.

The block is docked at the upper left of the screen.  Drag your mouse over the docked block to access the block’s menu.

Accessing a Docked Block

To undock one block, mouse over the docked block to show the full block, and click the gray undock box in the upper right.

Undocking a Block

To quickly undock all docked blocks at once, scroll down and click the gray undock box in the lower left corner of the screen. 

Topics or Weeks

Your course will typically be organized into topics or weeks.  Topics or weeks often reside in the center of the main course page. It is in this section that your professor will place the activities, resources, etc., which make up the online elements of your course. If your professor has turned on the completion feature you will see boxes on the right of activities indicating progress.

The column of topics or weeks may vary in appearance depending on how your professor has designed the course. Topics or weeks may be identified by a number, a number and date range, a date range, or simply by a descriptive name.

Example Topic Outline:

Example of a Topic Outline

Your professor may have set up the course to only show one week or topic at a time.  In this case you will click on the title of a week or topic heading and will only see that week but can navigate to weeks before and after.

An example of a course page that only shows one topic a week

You now see just the Intro section above plus the topic you selected.  Notice the navigation link in the upper right of the section to go to the next section.

The Jump to drop down menu allows you to select other topics to view.

Change Your Photo

Here are instructions for adding or updating a photo in your FoxTALE profile so that others in the FoxTALE community can get to know you.  

Here are a few notes before you begin:  

  • For best results use FireFox as your browser and not Internet Explorer or Safari whenever you change your photo.
  • Please resize a large photo to be smaller before you upload it to FoxTALE.  Sometimes, if the photo is larger than FoxTALE expects, part of the photo might be cut off in the FoxTALE view.

To add your photo to your profile:

  1. Log in to FoxTALE.
  1. In the User menu (black bar), click Profile and find the Edit Profile link on your page under User details..
    User menu

               Edit Profile button

  1. Scroll down to see the User picture section. Use the drag and drop window to quickly add a photo from your computer and Update profile at the bottom.

User Picture General Settings

  1. Alternative method - Upload an optional photo or graphic ((in .jpg or .png format) by clicking the Add a file button,Add a File button then Upload a File button, and then Browse.  After you’ve chosen your file, click the Upload this file button on the bottom of the File picker dialog box.
    File Picker

  2. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom and click Update Profile to save your changes.  FoxTALE will give you a preview of what others will see.

To replace an existing photo:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above to edit your profile.
  2. Scroll down to the User picture section.

  3. Check the Delete box under your current photo.
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and click Update profile.
  5. Follow the steps above to upload your new photo.

Entering Text Online and Auto Save

You might be required to enter text online through an assignment or through a forum post.  

The Atto text editor has Auto Save which ensures that a draft of your entry is saved every 60 seconds.  If you move away from the page without saving it, FoxTALE will automatically save a draft version and when you come back to the page it will restore the text.

Atto Text Editor Screen

Upload Files

You might be required to upload a file such as a Word document as an assignment submission or as an attachment to a discussion forum posting.

Example of an Attachment to a Forum Posting

From the course home page, click the forum title to open it.  Click Add a new discussion topic to start a new discussion thread, or click an existing post and click Reply to reply to an existing post.  You’ll see the Add button for adding an attachment.

Adding an Attachment to a Forum Post

Example of an Assignment Submission

  1. From the course home page, click the assignment title to open it, and click the Upload files button.

Assignment Description from Student View

  1. You’ll see the Add icon in the upper left or you can drag and drop files..

  Uploading Files to an Assingment Screen

Upload the File

File to big? See File Size Section Below

  1. For a forum attachment or an assignment submission as shown above, click the Add button or use the drag and drop feature for a quick add.

  2. Click Upload a file on the left of the File Picker screen.

  3. Click Browse, and locate your file.

  4. Click Upload this file.

  5. Back on the assignment or forum screen, click Save changes in assignments or Post to forum in forums.  For a forum, don’t click Post to forum until you’ve composed your discussion topic and attached the file.

Regarding File Size

In order for the FoxTALE database to remain responsive, the maximum upload per file is 50MB. Powerpoint presentations can become very large if there are many images and/or videos. We recommend students host their presentation of their Google Drive and share with their professor, providing the link to their assignment of FoxTALE. All student and employee Google Drives have unlimited storage.

PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to Google Drive and remain in the original format or convert to Google Slides. Converting to Google Slides allows for easy online presentation. From either format you can share it with your professor and provide a link for access.

You can also reduce or compress the size of your images in Powerpoint to get the presentation size below the maximum. Microsoft provides some instruction for this but you’ll want to be aware of your version of Powerpoint. You can also use the help feature built into your Powerpoint program.

On a Mac

Microsoft PowerPoint Help Menu on MAC

On Windows - look for the Help icon ? in the upper right.

Just type the word “Size” in the search box and you will get several responses.

Search Bar in PowerPoint

More Help on Microsoft’s Office Support Site.

Reduce File Size

Compress Picture Size in PPT 2016

Delete a File

Before saving or posting, if you find that you made an error, you may delete the file and upload again.  Click on the file name, and choose Delete... to delete the file.  In some assignments, you’ll first need to click the Edit submission button.

Uploaded File

Click on the file name, and click the Delete button.  In some assignments,

Deleting an Uploaded File

Download Files

Professors typically upload course files to the FoxTALE course site for your convenience.  This example shows a Syllabus file available on the course site as a Word document and as a PDF file.  

An Example of a Professor Course File

When you click a file link, your browser will generally offer you the options of opening the file or saving the file to the location of your choice.

In the event that you are having difficulty downloading files, you may right click (<Ctrl><Click> on a Mac) the file link and select Save Link As... or Save Target As…, enter a path, and save the file to the location of your choice.  

View Rubrics in Assignments

Your instructor might choose to use a rubric for grading an assignment.  A rubric consists of a set of criteria. For each criterion, several descriptive levels are provided. A numerical grade is usually assigned to each of these levels. After your instructor has graded your assignment, you may view the rubric by clicking the assignment name on the FoxTALE course home page.  You’ll see your overall numeric grade for the assignment, any comments the instructor has entered, and the points you received for each criterion row in the rubric.  If your instructor uploaded an electronic response file, you’ll also be able to access this file.

View Your Grades

In your course you can quickly view your grades from the Administration block

Navigation Block

You have two views, User Report and Overview Report.  It will open to the User Report which shows you the course assignments and grades.

User Report Tab

Or click on the Overview report to see your course total grade listed for all your courses.

Overview Report Tab

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Can members of my course access work I upload to FoxTALE?

Yes and No. The only way other students will have the ability to see any work you post onto FoxTALE is if you attach it to a forum posting. If the course professor or administrator has divided your course into groups, say to work on a particular project, and you upload work to a forum as an attachment to a message, your work can only be accessed by other group members, your professor and site administrators. When you submit assignments, tests, or quizzes, only the course professors and administrators can see your work.  Feedback delivered to you by any of these people is confidential.

Q2.  I’ve forgotten my password.  How do I get a new one?

If you have set up security questions in MyGFU, go to the MyGFU login screen, and click Forgot Password.  You’ll need to answer the security questions, and then you’ll be able to reset your password.  

If you do not have a George Fox account or if you need assistance, please contact the Service Desk for more information at 503.554.2569 or via email at

Q3.  How do I change my password?

There is no way to change your password directly in the FoxTALE site. You must log in to MyGFU and click Change GFU Password in the Account Management block.

NOTE: This will change your domain password, which changes your password for MyGFU, George Fox Google Email, FoxTALE, FoxFiles, BruinBoards, and any other GFU campus-related systems.

Q4.  How do I forward my email to another email address?

Log in to MyGFU, and click Email Forwarding in the Account Management block.  Follow the instructions there.

Q5.  How do I update my profile?

After logging in to FoxTALE,  In the User menu (black bar), click Profile and find the Edit Profile link on your page under User details..

Q6.  How do I turn off receiving email messages from the forums?

If you are receiving an email message for each forum posting, then you are subscribed to that forum.  You’ll want to unsubscribe from the forum.  In the FoxTALE course site, click on the forum to open it, and click Unsubscribe from this forum in the Settings block at the bottom left of the screen.  You will no longer receive emails for posts to this forum.

To no longer be auto-subscribed to every forum you view:

  1. In the User menu (black bar), click Preferences and find the Forum preferences link on your page under the User account section.
  2. Set Forum auto-subscribe: to “No: don’t automatically subscribe me to forums.”  Scroll to the bottom, and click Update profile to save your changes.

Q7.  How do I post to a forum?

  • Open the forum to which you wish to post by clicking the forum title.
  • To reply to a current post, click the title of the post. Click Reply for the post to which you wish to reply, type your message and click Post to Forum.
  • To create a new topic of discussion, click Add a new discussion topic, type your message and click Post to Forum.
  • To receive email copies of each forum post, make sure the Subscription: is set to “Send me email copies of posts to this forum.”
  • subscribe to individual discussions. You can now subscribe to individual forum discussion topics and get email copies of just the replies you want!

 Subscribing to Individuals

Links top left and right (and bottom where applicable) take you to the previous and next forum discussion in a list.

Moving Between Forum Discussions

Helpful Hint:  Even though FoxTALE now has AutoSave, we recommend that you compose your post in a text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit and save your work.  When you have finished composing, then copy the text and paste into the FoxTALE forum post.  You will have your words in case of a network hiccup or other issue.

NOTE: Any file you attach to forums will be visible to EVERYONE in the course unless your course is set up in separate groups, in which case, the attachment will only be visible to your group members and professors.

Q8.  Why Can’t I See My Course on My Home Page?

  • All FoxTALE courses are created “Hidden from Student View”.  When your professor has the course site ready, they will make the course visible for student view
  • If you are on a waitlist for a course, you will not see it until you are updated and enrolled in the course
  • You may be experiencing a problem with your web browser - check the article- Configure Your Browser for FoxTALE

FoxTALE Resources and Activity Icons

Forum Icon A discussion forum 

Quiz/Test IconA quiz/test

Link Icon Link to a website

Chat IconA chat session

Assignment IconAn assingment

Choice Icon A choice (similar to a poll)

Lesson Icon A lesson

Folder Icon A folder containing files

Glossary Icon  A glossary 

Page Icon A resource page

Survey Icon A survey

Workshop Icon A workshop activity 

Wiki Icon A wiki page

Book Icon A book resource 

Other Resources

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