FoxTALE VoiceThread Extended Troubleshooting Tips

This list of tips can help you resolve most issues related to recording and uploading media to VoiceThread.

  • Watch the 1:30-minute video, VoiceThread Troubleshooting Tips 

  • When in VoiceThread, make sure you click on Open in a new tab so that all tools display properly

  • Switch browsers.
    The Flash application on your computer can affect the ability to record, upload, and can even affect whether or not audio or video is included in a recording you have uploaded.
    Flash is set up differently based on computer operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac) and browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome). You may find that your installation of Flash works on one browser, but not another, or may stop working on all browsers because an update is needed.

  • Enable cookies on your computer or mobile device browser. On the computer:
  • Browser Settings on Computer

  • On mobile enter Settings and select Safari. Select the setting, Block Cookies:
    Browser Settings on Mobile
    Select Always Allow or Allow from Websites I Visit:
    Cookies Selection
  • If you are already allowing cookies, but you are experiencing issues, clear the cookies and cache on your browser:
  • Clearing Cookies History
  • Update Flash
    You can go to to download the latest version.
    NOTE: If you are on a PC, uncheck the box that downloads McAfee software.
  • You can make sure your Flash application is automatically updated:
    Go to your computer's System Preferences/Control Panel and right-click on the Flash application. Select the tab, Updates. You will see the ability to Allow Adobe to install updates and Check your installation or reinstall:
    Flash Player Settings

  • You may also want to change a setting in Flash, which will allow Flash to automatically operate. This prevents unintended blocking of Flash.
    Go to your computer's System Preferences (Mac) / Control Panel (PC) and right-click on the Flash application. Select the tab, Camera and Mic. Click on the link, Camera and Microphone Settings by Site:

Camera and Microphone Settings

And allow

Give VoiceThread Permission

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