Web Printing in Papercut

For student printing in Brougher and Library 24/7 printer, follow the steps below to access Web Printing on any computer:

  • Go to http://papercut.georgefox.edu
  • Login and on the left side, select "Web Print. "
  • Select "Submit a Job."
  • Select one of the following printers:
    • printerserve\Library 24/7 - BW ( cost $0.10)
    • printerserve\Library 24/7 - Color ( cost $0.25)
    • printserve\Brougher HP M477 BW (cost $0.10)
    • printserve\Brougher Color HP M477printer ( cost $0.25)
  • Click "Print Options and Account Selection" at the bottom of the window.
  • Enter in how many copies of the document you want and click "Upload Documents" at the bottom of the window.
  • Either drag in the file you want to print or find the file by clicking "Upload from Computer."
  • Click "Upload and Complete."
  • When the status says "Finished: Queued for printing," your document should be available at the printer.


  • Your document should be standard paper size 8 1/2" x 11".  Documents that are needing larger paper can block all other print jobs and you'll need to delete the current print job.
  • If your document doesn't print please check the printer display for any error messages or instructions.  
  • Paper Jams can be cleared by following the instructions on the printer.  Look from all angles in the area where the paper is jammed.  The printer will not print any jobs until the printer is cleared.